Last Saturday, doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, osteopaths, ... were gathered at the 2th Oréliance medical-surgical day. Oréliance is one of the largest medical and surgical establishments in the Centre region. Its team is made up of 6 specialised surgeons who provide care for the various pathologies of the locomotor systemin collaboration with the medical and para-medical teams of the establishment. The Allyane team had a stand at this event to present this innovative method of neuromotor reprogramming to health professionals.

2nd Neuromotor Shoulder Alliance Medical-Surgical Day

2nd Oréliance Medical-Surgical Day

Objective of the 2nd Oréliance Medical-Surgical Day: to bring together professionals from the movement

This medical-surgical day was therefore created with the aim of bringing together the various players in the field. The objective is to allow them to exchange their experiences and practices. It was also an opportunity to discover new tools developed to optimise the results obtained in the treatment of patients suffering from motor disorders.

Allyane: an innovative method of neuromotor reprogramming

This is why an Allyane stand was present at the exhibition. And for a better understanding of this innovative method, an intervention by a physiotherapist and osteopath who has integrated Allyane into his daily practice was planned. Thus, the subject of neuromotor reprogramming of shoulder amplitude limitations was discussed.

Allyane is an innovative method of neuromotor reprogramming based on mental imagery, listening to low frequency sounds and proprioception work. This method is effective, fast, long-lasting and risk-free.

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