"I have very good results on chronic ankle instability.

David Touré, osteopath D.O. & Allyane practitioner, talks about the treatment of his patients with the Allyane method and the pathologies for which he sees the most results.




How long have you been a certified Allyane practitioner?

It will be 4 years at the beginning of 2021.

What type of patients do you treat?

I mainly take care of ortho-trauma patients, either for the aftermath of major trauma, or after surgery, generally when there are problems during functional rehabilitation, for example delays or failures in rehabilitation.

I also take into account patients with chronic instabilities, whether it be in the shoulder, knee or ankle.

Do you consider that your practice has evolved thanks to the Allyane method?

Yes, it has obviously evolved.

On the one hand, because I have been trained in many things thanks to Allyane, notably the detection of motor preferences. Also, I have learned to better identify motor inhibitions, so I am better able to distinguish the consequences of these inhibitions, especially on the painful and compensatory patterns that I can find in my patients.

On which pathology do you see the most results with Allyane?

Generally I have very good results on chronic ankle instabilities, also on the knee in post-operation as for cruciate ligaments, quadriceps sideration, flessums. I observe good results on compensations put in place following surgical interventions, such as for gluteal insufficiency.

I also note a good effectiveness in the management of shoulders, in particular post-cap surgery and for certain types of retractile capsulitis.

What are your future plans/goals for your practice?

To develop my practice, in particular through studies on the ankle to better understand ankle pathologies. It is true that my practice is likely to evolve in this direction.

The aim is also to better understand the benefits ofmental imagery in the management of my patients, and perhaps to evolve the protocols thanks to a better knowledge of all their applications.

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