On Saturday 22nd September, Allyane went to Marseille for the first French Neurokinesitherapy Day. This initiative of the neurology interest group of the French physiotherapy society was the opportunity to present our innovative process!

Presentation of current methods and approaches in neukinesitherapy

This day, whose theme was "concepts in neurokinesitherapy: myths, reality and perspectives", aimed at taking stock of modern scientific methods and approaches (motor learning, electro-mechanical devices, motor imaging, etc.). This was an opportunity for physiotherapists to discover these innovative practices. They were then able to form an opinion on the choice of treatment to adopt in their clinical practice.

Presentation of the Allyane method

As the process is part of modern scientific methods and approaches, it had the chance to be presented during this day!

To support this presentation, a poster was made available to the participants: "Innovating in the management of spasticity with a non-invasive procedure "*, resulting from a study carried out by Anne-Laure Chatain, physiotherapist, and Aude Friggeri, doctor and osteopath at the CMCR des Massues.

Anne-Laure Chatain, certified Allyane practitioner, was on hand to meet and answer questions from movement professionals who had come to discover new methods and applications.

First French day of neuro-rehabilitation

Poster presented at the first French neuro-physiotherapy day

innovating in the management of spasticity with a non-invasive procedure, Aude Friggeri, Anne-Laure Chatain, Allyane

"Innovating in the treatment of spasticity with a non-invasive procedure"; First French day of neurokinesitherapy

Chatain AL, Friggeri A. Innovating in the management of spasticity. Poster presented at the 1st French day on spasticity.̧aise de neurokinésithérapie, SFPhysio. Marseille, France, 22/09/2018.