The first training session on the detection of motor inhibitions took place on Monday 14 January.

Osteopaths and physiotherapists were present with the aim of improving the understanding of the clinical situation of their patients with rehabilitation difficulties in order to accelerate the return to motor skills. This training allowed them to reinforce their knowledge in order to better detect motor inhibitions of central origin.

Motor inhibition detection training

Description of the training course "detection of motor inhibitions

The aim of the " detection of motor inhibitions" training course is to reinforce diagnostic knowledge in order to detect specific motor inhibitions of central origin for a better efficiency of rehabilitation sessions. By means of specific tests and methods, it enables the decoding of motor difficulties and consequently the consideration of strategies to be implemented.

Read our article to find out more about the objectives of this training.

Testimony of Laura Calvo, osteopath

"The content was perfectly adapted to my expectations. I have a better understanding of motor inhibitions and the possibilities of applying different approaches, such as neuromotor reprogramming.

I appreciated the small group format, which allowed for a real friendly, dynamic and interactive sharing with different professions and experiences.