Alphabimove®: the low-frequency sound generator 

L’Alphabimove® est le générateur de sons basse fréquence indissociable des protocoles de reprogrammation neuromotrice d’Allyane, alliant ergonomie et fonctionnalités innovantes.

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Allyane's Alphabimove®: a patented medical device for neuromotor reprogramming

Produced and designed in France, Alphabimove® is a patented medical device, an integral part of the Allyane neuromotor reprogramming method. This new device can be controlled remotely via a wireless remote control and/or by software integrated into an iPad (in the form of a mobile application), which can be used by the practitioner during a session with his or her patient.

Modern, ergonomic design

Alphabimove® is a modern, innovative piece of equipment in the form of a column, designed to make the generator easy to use, move and access. The device features headphone, iPad and wireless remote control holders.

Innovative technology at the service of neuroscience

Alphabimove® can be remotely controlled via Bluetooth using an iPad. This eliminates the need for the practitioner to be in close proximity to the device at all times during the session, allowing him or her to focus on the patient. He can also benefit from the user experience optimization methods offered by the mobile application. It's also worth noting that the design and control of a session using software and mobile equipment enables maximum scalability in terms of neuroscience, with the aim of achieving ever higher levels of efficiency and quality of care.

What are the objectives of Alphabimove® Allyane?

The Alphabimove® Allyane is a device capable of producing different sequences of low-frequency sounds in order to :  

  • activate motor areas in the primary cortex;
  • enhance the action of themental imagery protocols of the Allyane method.

To achieve these objectives, Alphabimove® broadcasts specific sound signal sequences. These alter the patient's state of alertness, predisposing them to memorize the new motor program.

Alphabimove® and Allyane protocols: inseparable elements

The Allyane method combines proprioception, mental imagery and low-frequency sound to accelerate patients' return to motor skills.

Used as a complement to a conventional rehabilitation program, the Allyane method enables patients to get back to using everyday movements more quickly, particularly in the case of motor inhibitions

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