Alphabox®: low-frequency sounds for neuromotor reprogramming

Indissociable from our neuromotor reprogramming method, the patented Alphabox® medical device generates low-frequency sounds to accelerate the patient's return to mobility. 

The Alphabox®

L’Alphabox® d’Allyane : un dispositif médical breveté

Alphabox® is a medical device manufactured in France and used as part of the Allyane neuromotor reprogramming protocols.

This low-frequency sound generator has ANSM-registered medical device status, as well as two other certifications:

  • electrical safety standard 60601-1 ;
  • electromagnetic compatibility standard 60601-1-2.

These certifications attest to the fact that Alphabox® has undergone extensive testing to ensure the reliability and reproducibility of its signals.

The Alphabox®

Comment fonctionne l’Alphabox® Allyane

The operation of this patented medical device is based on recent work * in the field of neuroscience.

In fact, several scientific studies tend to demonstrate that low-frequency sounds can have a positive impact on mobility, thanks in particular to their action on the motor areas of the brain.

In the treatment of motor inhibitions in patients, the diffusion of low-frequency sounds via Allyane's Alphabox® can modify the state of brain activity. Based on this innovation, our patented medical device plays a decisive role in the effectiveness and speed of results.

The Alphabox®

Alphabox® Allyane : quels objectifs ?

The Alphabox® Allyane is able to produce different sequences of low-frequency sounds, with two main objectives in mind:

  • activation of motor areas in the primary cortex;
  • increased action of Allyanemental imagery protocols.

To achieve this, Alphabox® emits sound signals in specific sequences. These signals modify the patient's state of alertness, enabling him or her to record the new motor program and fix its memorization. The sounds are transmitted via low-frequency stereo headphones, to enhance the patient's state of concentration.

The Alphabox®

dispositif indissociable
des Protocoles Allyane

The Allyane method combines the proprioception et l’imagerie mentale à des sons de basse fréquence émis par le dispositif Alphabox®.

Efficace, rapide, durable, non invasive et sans effets secondaires, la méthode Allyane permet, en complément de la rééducation, de retrouver plus rapidement et durablement les gestes du quotidien, notamment en cas d’inhibitions motrices chez le patient.

The Allyane method

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