A centre dedicated to the expertise of movement

Patient treatment, training for new ALLYANE practitioners and our research and development activities, all come together at ALLYANE’s Expert Movement Centre in Lyon (France) and ensure the continuing innovation and promotion of our procedure.

  • Treatment of patients: Our patients are cared for by healthcare professionals who are fully trained and certified in the ALLYANE procedure. They work under the supervision of Paul Dorochenko, an ALLYANE expert, massage physiotherapist, osteopath and ATP certified personal trainer to high-level athletes.
  • Training: We welcome future ALLYANE practitioners to the ALLYANE centre as part of their study certification training where they familiarise themselves with the specific video analysis tools in the dedicated training room. Trained ALLYANE practitioners are mainly physiotherapists and osteopaths, but we also welcome rehabilitation physicians working independently or in rehabilitation centres such as the CERS in Capbreton or Les Massues Medical-Surgical Centre in Lyon.
  • Research & development: Our goal is to enrich healthcare protocols, expand the fields of application and develop the ALLYANE technology.

Scientific Partners

  • Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Inter-university laboratory of motor biology, specializing in the fields of science and technology, health and sports sciences.

  • Centre Médico-Chirurgical De Réadaptation Des Massues

The Medical and Surgical Rehabilitation Center (CMCR) of the Massues ensures the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of deficiencies and disabilities of the musculoskeletal system, of orthopedic, tumoral, neuromuscular or neuro-rheumatic origin.

  • Centre Orthopédique Santy

The SANTY Orthopedic Center is dedicated to Sports Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery and was founded under the leadership of Drs. Pierre CHAMBAT and Gilles WALCH.

ALLYANE Expert Movement Center