allyane l'équipe

The team

Our patients are suddenly smiling again…

My partner came with me to the session and was stunned when he saw me walking smoothly and relaxed, especially when I was able to go quite naturally down the stairs!”

Testimonies such as this make all our efforts to promote the ALLYANE method worthwhile.

“Seeing a patient smile again and sharing their emotion after a session of the ALLYANE procedure, gives the ALLYANE team all the motivation they need to continue their efforts to progress research and effectiveness in the field of movement. ALLYANE may be just the size of a young start-up, but we have big ambitions. We believe our innovation could radically change physical therapy. By giving life to movement, we can give movement back to life.”

Gilles Chaufferin, CEO of ALLYANE

Gilles Chaufferin


Paul Dorochenko

ALLYANE expert, Physiotherapist, Osteopath and Personal Trainer

Charlotte Rieu

Certified Practitioner

David Touré

Certified Practitioner

Shingo Kitada

Certified Practitioner

Irène Iglesias

Certified Practitioner

Nelly Favoriti

Centre Manager

Kristina Desplats

Medical Secretary

Emmanuel Corcin

Marketing and Communication Manager

Patricia Alias

Marketing and Communication Officer

Mariana Zampicchiatti

Community manager

Xavier Salomon

International Development Manager – Latin America