ALLYANE impresses event participants

On 7th June, at a Scientific event organized by the Rhone FFMKR Union in Lyon, the ALLYANE neuromotor reprogramming procedure made a lasting impression on the physiotherapists taking part.

ALLYANE’s CEO, Gilles Chaufferin, and Paul Dorotchenko, a masseur-physiotherapist, osteopath and high- level sports coach presented their procedure at the event. First, they showed videos of sessions during which high-level sports people were helped to do away with poor technical movements in order to improve their performance. They also showed videos of patients suffering from serious neurological pathologies (strokes, paraplegia etc.). They then presented the theoretical and pathophysiological concept.

Finally, the event participants were won over by a practical demonstration working with a colleague in the room: « The fifty or so physiotherapists present were surprised, not to say staggered, by the effectiveness of this new technology which, using sound waves and mental imagery, can durably reprogram adverse movements. », confirmed Jean-Christophe Cousty, vice-president of the Rhone FFMKR Union. The evening ended with an informal buffet during which the speakers were able to answer the participants’ remaining questions.