Allyane neuromotor reprogramming method

The Allyane motor reprogramming method combines mental imagery with proprioception and low-frequency sounds to accelerate the return to motor skills of patients suffering from various pathologies: after-effects of traumatic conditions such as post-surgery, or neurological conditions such as a stroke.

Our solution is unique and innovative in terms of effectiveness, speed and durability. It is able to help you treat traumatic pathologies (ACL after-effects, post-surgery, muscular weakness, limitation of amplitude of the upper limb) and neurological conditions (after-effects of stroke, MS, etc.).

An innovative neuromotor reprogramming method based on patented devices developed and designed in France.

By combining proprioception, mental imagery and low frequency sounds, Allyane neuromotor reprogramming method makes it possible to take care of patients' motor inhibitions.

Our solution is unique and innovative in terms of effectiveness, speed and durability. It is able to help you treat traumatic pathologies (ankle instability, lameness, muscle weakness, limitation of amplitude of the upper limb) and neurological conditions (stroke recovery, MS, etc.).

About Allyane

The Allyane functional rehabilitation method

When a patient no longer makes motor progress, has recurrent pathologies or could make faster progress, it is most often due to motor inhibitions of central origin. Allyane enables doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths to diagnose them better, in order to treat them better.

The Allyane neuromotor reprogramming method has no side effects. It enables patients suffering from various pathologies to recover their motor skills more quickly and more permanently.

The Allyane method

Treated pathologies

The Allyane therapeutic method allows you to treat several types of neurological pathologies or those linked to certain traumas.


Neurological conditions

  • Stroke - Parkinson's
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Incomplete spinal cord injury

Pathologies of the shoulder

  • Sequelae of capsulitis
  • Shoulder instability: following dislocation / subluxation
  • Post-operation: amplitude deficit

Elbow pathologies

  • Sequelae of tendinopathy
  • Stiffness of the elbow
  • Non-mechanical mobility disorders: flexion/extension/pronosupination

Trunk & spine

  • Cyphosis
  • Scoliosis
  • Sciatica
  • Low back pain

Hip lameness

  • Lack of active mobility (flexion/extension)
  • Lack of stability (insufficient gluteus medius) - Lameness
  • Post hip replacement

Wrist and hand motor skills

  • Grip work
  • Fine motor skills and dexterity work

Knee pathologies

  • Sprain recurrences
  • Cruciate ligaments
  • Knee prosthesis
  • Patellofemoral syndrome
  • Knee Flessum

Ankle instability

  • Sprain recurrences
  • Insufficient lifts
  • Motor inhibitions after immobilisation
  • Post-operations

Our method

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Allyane offers various training courses for health professionals wishing to become a "Certified Allyane Practitioner", as well as specialisation modules to perfect your skills in a targeted area.

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The Allyane method

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The Allyane method

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The Allyane neuromotor rehabilitation method has received several awards. Numerous players in the health and business sectors have also praised the interest of our project.

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Allyane Sport

Neuromotor reprogramming with Allyane is also proving its worth in the field of sports performance. The Allyane Sport method allows professionals and amateurs to optimise their sporting performance by using the specific visual-motor characteristics of each individual. Our objectives:

  • Search for a technical gesture adapted to each profile
  • Aiming at the development of the athlete's performance
  • Reducing the risk of injury in a preventive manner


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